Shared Schedule in SSRS

Shared Schedule in SSRS is a mechanism to create a schedule for a particular date or time so that it can be used among multiple subscriptions for their execution in SSRS report manager.
So advantages for creating a shared schedule are:

Easy to use: we can share it in multiple subscriptions directly from On a shared schedule option without creating a manually for each one.
Easy to update: for example we have many subscriptions which are scheduled for 7 AM daily and based on the light saving we need to change their trigger time from 7 AM to 8 AM so for this you need to update each subscription manually one by one. So for this if we have used a shared schedule in all subscriptions then we need to just update that shared schedule only and all subscriptions will be executed with updated time which are using that shared schedule.

To create a shared schedule, first you must have permission on report manager and on the report manager go to the top ribbon where you will find Site Settings tab as shown in below given screen shot:
After clicking on Site settings option it will open a page where we have a Schedules option which is used to create a shared schedule.
Now Click on New Schedule option to create a new schedule where we need to provide schedule name and schedule details as I have created a Weekly Refresh for Monday only as:

This shared schedule “Weekly Refresh” we can use in any subscription where we need to trigger our subscription for each Monday only.
If you have any thoughts or suggestion, feel free to post in the below comment section.


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