SSRS Subscriptions

In SSRS, we can create subscriptions to generate a report snapshot on some defined scheduled time and parameters and delivered to the intended users through the report server.

In SSRS there are basically two types of subscriptions:

·         Standard subscriptions

·         Data-driven subscription.

A standard subscription consists of static values that cannot be varied during subscription processing. For each standard subscription, there is exactly one set of report presentation options, delivery options, and report parameters.

A data driven subscription is dynamic. In Data Driven subscription we can get subscription information at run time from database by querying an external data source that provides values used to specify a recipient, report parameters, or rendered format. Below are some advantage points over the standard subscription:

·         Distribute a report through subscription to a dynamic list of recipients: For example, if we have a list of recipients in a table of database which is not fixed (it can be varied from time to time), then we can use this list by querying it from database.
·         Provide report parameter value dynamically at run time: For example, if we have a date parameter where we need to provide a calculated value for date at run time then we can write a SQL query to get calculated date value at run time for this parameter.
·         Vary report output formats and delivery options for each report delivery.

Below are the steps to create a standard subscription on the report manager:

Step 1: To create a static subscription (non data driven subscription) we need to provide static values for recipient, report parameters, or rendered format so click on New Subscription tab on manage page:

Step 2: The New Subscription option will take you to standard subscription design page where you need to provide the email list, rendered format of file (i.e. Excel, CSV and PDF etc.), subject line and comments under the report delivery options:

Step3:  In Subscription processing options, you need to select any one option for schedule the trigger time of the subscription:

·         When the scheduled report run is complete: in this option you need to provide a schedule to run this subscription by using daily, weekly, monthly or once option available in the list:

·         On a shared schedule: In this option we need to provide a shared schedule which we have created to use in multiple subscription:

More on Shared Schedule go through this link: Shared Schedule in SSRS report manager

Step3:  In the Report Parameter Values option, you need to provide static values for parameters and after putting parameters information click on OK button and now standard subscription is ready to trigger.

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